Takings, Standing.
Does the operator of non-consent towing and storage facility have a sufficient property interest in the stored vehicles to support a takings claim? May the operator assert a claim under the Declaratory Judgment Act? Are operator’s claims moot since it is no longer licensed to operate a vehicle storage facility? City of Dallas v. VSC, LLC, No. 08 0265, formerly 242 S.W.3d 584 (Tex. App.—Dallas 2008), review granted 10/23/09.

Takings, Breach Access Easements.
Does Texas recognize a “rolling” public beachfront access easement which migrates according to the naturally-caused changes in the location of the vegetation line? Is any such easement derived from common law doctrines or from a construction of the Open Beaches Act? To what extent is a landowner entitled to receive compensation under Texas law where any limitations on the use of the property are affected by a landward migration of a rolling easement?Severance v. Patterson, No. 09 0387, formerly 566 F.3d 490 (5th Cir. 2009), review granted 05/15/09.