Civil Forfeiture.
Did the court of appeals err in determining that the trial court incorrectly disregarded the jury’s findings that currency found in a truck was not contraband where there was no direct evidence linking the currency to any drug transaction? If the currency is not contraband, is an innocent bailee of truck where currency was found entitled to currency by right of possession? State of Texas v. $281,420 in U.S. Currency, No. 08 0465, formerly 2008 WL 907565 (Tex. App.—Corpus Christi 2008), review granted 04/17/09.

Lottery, Statutory Construction.
Does Tex. Bus. & Com. Code § 9.406(f), providing for the assignability of “accounts,” including lottery winnings, pre-empt Tex. Govt. Code § 466.406 and 406.410 which prohibit such assignments? Texas Lottery Commission v. First State Bank of DeQueen, No. 08 0523, formerly 254 S.W.3d 677 (Tex. App.—Austin 2008), review granted 09/25/09.

Open Records Act.
Did the court of appeals properly determine that state employee birthdate information was not private and was therefore subject to disclosure under the Texas Public Information Act, Tex. Govt. Code § 552.001 et seq.? Was the prevailing party entitled to attorney’s fees as a matter of law? Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts v. Attorney General of Texas, No. 08 0172, formerly 244 S.W.2d 629 (Tex. App.—Austin 2008), review granted 02/27/09.