[UPDATED THROUGH September 6, 2016]

City of Chicago v. Alexander

Supreme Court Case Number: 120350

Appellate Court: First District, Second Division

Appellate Court Case Number: 1-12-2858

Issue Presented: Is the City of Chicago’s park-closing ordinance unconstitutional, both on its face and with respect to its unequal application?

Summary of Facts and Lower Court Holdings


Carle Foundation v. Cunningham Township

Supreme Court Case Number: 120427

Appellate Court: Fourth District

Appellate Court Case Number: 4-14-0795

Issue Presented: Is Section 15-86 of the Property Code Code, which provides that a hospital may qualify for a charitable exemption from property taxes pursuant to Article IX, Section 6 of the Illinois Constitution by providing services or activities worth as much or more than the hospital’s estimated property tax bill for the year, facially unconstitutional?

Summary of Facts and Lower Court Holdings


Kakos v. Bauer

Supreme Court Case No.: 120377

Appellate Court: None (Direct appeal from Cook County Circuit Court)

Appellate Court Case Number: None

Issue Presented: Is Public Act 98-1132, the 2015 Illinois statute mandating six-person juries in civil cases in Illinois, facially unconstitutional?

Summary of Facts and Lower Court Holdings, and Report on Oral Argument


Blanchard v. Berrios

Supreme Court Case Number: 120315

Appellate Court: First District, Division Two

Appellate Court Case Number: 1-14-2857

Issue Presented: May the Cook County Board of Commissioners authorize the County Inspector General to issue subpoenas for documents directly to the County’s elected officials and require those officials to cooperate with the investigation, without exceeding its home rule authority?

Summary of Facts and Lower Court Holdings