[UPDATED THROUGH September 12, 2016]

Bayer v. Panduit Corporation

Supreme Court Case Number: 119553

Appellate Court: First District, Division One

Appellate Court Case Number: 1-13-2252

Issues Presented: (1) Did the trial court properly hold that a settlement with plaintiff’s employer in a case involving a workplace injury was in good faith for purposes of the Contribution Act where the employer agreed to continue workers’ compensation payments throughout the pendency of the employee’s tort case against other defendants, including any possible appeals? (2) Was the settlement in good faith where, because of the size of the ultimate verdict in the tort action, the plaintiff’s employer stood to recover its entire workers compensation payments, thus effectively shifting liability to the third party defendants? (3) Was the plaintiff’s employer liable under Section 5(b) of the Workers Compensation Act for attorneys fees in connection with suspended future medical payments?

Summary of Facts and Lower Court Holdings

Report on the Oral Argument