In its weekly conference, see list of actions, the California Supreme Court granted review in:

  • Jankey v. Lee, in which the Court of Appeal held that the Americans with Disabilities Act does not preempt Civil Code § 55, which entitles the prevailing defendant to attorney’s fees upon defeating a claim for injunctive relief under the California Disabled Persons Act. See Attorney-Related update page.
  • Diaz v. Carcamo, in which the Court of Appeal rejected an employer’s argument that by conceding its liability under respondeat superior it was shielded from a claim that it was independently negligent in its hiring and retention of that same employee. See Torts & Products update page. In doing so, the Court of Appeal in Diaz distinguished two prior cases which held that an employer is protected from a claim of negligent entrustment upon such a concession. See Armenta v. Churchill (1954) 42 Cal.2d 448 and Jeld-Wen, Inc. v. Superior Court (2005) 131 Cal.App.4th 853.