Last week the Supreme Court granted review in six civil cases, covering a wide variety of issues:


  • Professional Engineers in California Government v. Schwarzenegger, which the Supreme Court transferred on its own motion before the Court of Appeal ruled on the issues raised, in order to expedite review of the Governor’s ability to mandate a furlough program on state employees. See Employment – Compensation & Benefits update.
  • SeaBright Ins. Co. v. U.S. Airways, Inc., which addresses the ability of an injured employee of an independent contractor to hold the hirer of the contractor liable for the breach of statutory or regulatory non-delegable duty. See Torts & Products update.
  • Oasis West Realty, LLC v. Goldman, which addresses counsel’s duty of loyalty to a former client when there is no subsequent representation and the attorney is acting on his or her own behalf. See Attorney-Related update.
  • St. John’s Well Child & Family Center v. Schwarzenegger, which addresses the application of the governor’s line item veto to mid-year bills that reduce appropriations. See Other update.
  • Episcopal Church Cases, in which the court returns to a case already reviewed to address whether the Court of Appeal properly implemented the court’s opinion. See Civil Procedure/Evidence/Discovery update.