This week the Supreme Court granted review in three civil cases, covering a variety of issues:

  • Serrano v. Stefan Merli Plastering, in which the Court of Appeal, formerly at 184 Cal.App.4th 178 affirmed the denial of attorney’s fees under C.C.P. § 1021.5, finding that the trial court was within its discretion following Adoption of Joshua S. (2008) 42 Cal.4th 945, on the grounds that plaintiffs were protecting their own interests and only inadvertently triggered a published opinion which may have benefited others. For more details, see the Attorney-Related update page.
  • Retired Employees Assoc. v. County of Orange, in which the Court certified review of the following issue: Whether, as a matter of California law, a California county and its employees can form an implied contract that confers vested rights to health benefits on retired county employees. For more details, see the Employment – Compensation & Benefits update page.