This afternoon, the Illinois Supreme Court published its Call of the Docket [pdf] for the March term, and the Court will hear oral argument in six civil cases. The cases, with the issue or issues presented in each, are:

March 16:

Sheffler v. Commonwealth Edison Co.,No. 110166 – Does a complaint seeking both injunctive relief and damages in connection with defendant’s alleged failure to timely restore power after storms, and to give priority in restoring power to customers dependent on electric life support system, fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Illinois Commerce Commission? See Tort Law.

Italia Foods, Inc. v. Sun Tours, Inc.,No. 110350 – (1) Does the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act require that the Illinois legislature enact enabling legislation before private claims under the TCPA can be heard in state courts? (2) Are TCPA claims "statutory penalties" within the meaning of state law, and if so, are the claims assignable, and what is the applicable statute of limitations? (3) If the claim is not assignable, were absent class members’ claims tolled when, for a twenty-seven month period, no class representative with proper standing was present before the court? See Civil Procedure.

The Board of Education of Auburn Community Unit School Dist. No. 10 v. The Illinois Dept. of Revenue, No. 110395/110422 – Does the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law ("PTELL") apply to all portions of a community unit school district following annexation of territory in a separate county which had not opted into PTELL? See Taxation.

March 22:

ABATE of Illinois, Inc. v. Giannoulias, No. 110611 – Does a state statute permitting the transfer of funds from the Cycle Rider Safety Training Fund to the General Revenue Fund violate the Takings Clause of either the federal or state constitutions? See Constitutional Law.

Bell v. Hutsell, No. 110724 – (1) Where defendants did not personally furnish alcoholic beverages, is liability for breach of a voluntary undertaking to monitor and inspect barred by the bar on civil social host liability? (2) Is there a private right of action under the Liquor Control Act for permitting one’s minor child or his or her invitees to possess, distribute or consume alcoholic beverages? See Tort Law.

Snyder v. Heidelberger, No. 111052 – Does a quitclaim deed intended to create a joint tenancy between a husband and wife cause an injury within the meaning of the statute of repose for legal malpractice actions, 735 ILCS 5/13-214.3, when the deed is executed and recorded, when the husband dies and the alleged error can no longer be rectified, or both? See Tort Law.