The Illinois Supreme Court has announced that on the morning of Thursday, March 24th, it will file opinions in five civil cases (pdf):

  • Williams v. Board of Review, No. 109469Was terminated employee entitled to a good cause extension of the statutory deadline requiring that an eligible worker must enroll in an approved training program within a certain time in order to be eligible for federally funded trade adjustment assistance benefits? See Employment Law.
  • Goodman v. Ward, No. 109796 — Is a candidate for a judgeship in a particular judicial subcircuit required to be a resident of that subcircuit on the date the candidate petitions to have his or her name placed on the primary ballot? See Election Law.
  • Barber v. American Airlines, Inc., No. 110092 — Did airline’s unilateral refund of passenger’s baggage fee, after passenger filed putative class action complaint, constitute an attempted “pick off” which did not moot passenger’s complaint? See Civil Procedure.
  • Howell v. Dunaway – Nos. 110199, 110200 — Is a hospital’s statutory lien for services, filed pursuant to the Health Care Services Lien Act, 770 ILCS 23/1, subject to a reduction under the common fund doctrine for attorney fees incurred by the injured plaintiff? See Tort Law.
  • Vincent v. Alden Park Strathmoor, Inc., No. 110406 — Does a claim for common law punitive damages pursuant to the Nursing Home Care Act survive the death of the nursing home patient? See Punitive Damages.