The Illinois Supreme Court has announced that on the morning of Thursday, October 27, it will file opinions in two civil cases [pdf]:

  • A.B.A.T.E. v. Giannoulias, No. 110611 — Does a state statute permitting the transfer of funds from the Cycle Rider Safety Training Fund to the General Revenue Fund violate the Takings Clause of either the federal or state constitutions? See Constitutional Law.
  • Sierra Club v. Illinois Pollution Control Board, No. 110882 — (1) Does a petitioner in an individual adjusted standard proceeding before the Illinois Pollution Control Board have a burden of proof with respect to the standards set forth in Section 27(a) of the Illinois Environmental Protection Act? (2) Must the Board make written findings or identify substantive evidence supporting its resolution of the Section 27(a) factors in such a proceeding? (3) Do environmental activist groups have standing to seek judicial review of the Board’s decision in an individual adjusted standard proceeding? See Government Law.