7177794150_5dcc918bbd_zOn Wednesday, April 29th at 11:00 AM Pacific/2:00 PM Eastern, Sedgwick’s Appellate Task Force will present its webinar “The California Supreme Court: What to Expect in 2015.” Highlights of the hour-long CLE presentation include:

  • Data Analytics and the Court: We’ll preview our group’s new data analytics database on the Court’s work since 2000. We’ll discuss which Court of Appeal districts are reversed most and least often; whether the Court more often reviews plaintiffs’ or defendants’ wins in each of the most common areas of the law on its docket (and how often each side’s decisions are reversed); the Court’s average time from argument to decision, and what a longer-than-average delay might mean; and the voting patterns of the individual Justices, including which Justices often vote together in close cases;
  • Personal Jurisdiction over Out-of-State Defendants: The Court will soon consider and apply recent landmark cases from the U.S. Supreme Court restricting plaintiffs’ ability to sue out-of-state defendants on claims with little or no connection to the forum. Will the California courts continue to be burdened with thousands of “litigation tourist” lawsuits in a time of tight court budgets?
  • Enforcing Limits on Healthcare Provider Liability: Can limits on healthcare provider liability be avoided by alleging a general negligence duty of care distinct from concepts of professional negligence?
  • Expanding the Scope of Asbestos Liability: A dozen years after the last domestic asbestos mine closed, will the Court double down on California’s pro-plaintiff asbestos standards by authorizing bystander suits by plaintiffs who never worked for the defendant or used the defendant’s products?
  • Arbitration of Consumer Disputes: Will the Court continue to soften its longstanding hostility to arbitration in the wake of recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions and hold that federal law preempts a state bar on arbitration clauses in consumer contracts?

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