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Early last year, we founded the Illinois Supreme Court Review to bring rigorous, law-review style empirical research founded on data analytic techniques to the study of appellate decision making.  Today, we expand our focus with the California Supreme Court Review, a new blog devoted to sharing insights culled from tens of thousands of pages of opinions about the California Supreme Court, the Justices and their decision-making process and the parties and issues which come before the Court – all based upon a unique database of dozens of data points taken from every one of the 1,600+ decisions handed down by the Court from 2000 to 2015.

Here at Appellate Strategist, the conversation about the latest decisions, oral arguments and issues in appellate law across the country (including Illinois and California) will continue.  And for a longer-term view devoted to the California Supreme Court, using techniques proven in sixty years of empirical academic research into judicial decision making, join us at the California Supreme Court Review.

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