Last week, I was looking at our archives, pulling up old research, and I stumbled onto this two-year old post – my 500th on Appellate Strategist. Now that our other two blogs, Illinois Supreme Court Review and California Supreme Court Review, have been publishing for a while, I decided to check the dashboards there too. And it turns out that this summer – next week, in fact – I’ll be publishing my 1,000th blog post.

Since I’ve always got data to quote, here are the numbers:

My first post on Appellate Strategist was published February 23, 2010. In all, I’ve published 604 posts there.

My first post on Illinois Supreme Court Review was published January 9, 2015. In all, I’ve published 264 posts on ISCR.

And finally, my first post on California Supreme Court Review was published April 27, 2016. I’ve published 129 posts on CSCR, making my total for the past seven years and five months 997 posts (and no, I’m not counting this simultaneous post on all three blogs – that would be cheating . . .)

So join us next week as we count down towards 1,000 – and if you’ve got a suggestion for what you’d like to see in the 1,000th post – let me know in the comments. And in the meantime, for an ongoing collection of news and analysis from a wide variety of sources, visit our Flipboard curated magazines on the California Supreme Court and the Illinois Supreme Court.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Chad Kainz (no changes).