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Illinois Supreme Court Declines to Decide Absolute Immunity Issue in Cooney

Cooney v. Rossiter presented two questions: (1) was the plaintiffs’ individual action barred by the dismissal of an earlier putative class action; and (2) is a court-appointed psychological evaluator in a child custody proceeding entitled to absolute immunity from suit by one of the parents in the action. This morning, the Illinois Supreme Court affirmed the … Continue Reading

Argument Report: Immunity for Court-Appointed Psychologists?

Our reports on the oral arguments of the Illinois Supreme Court’s September term continue with Cooney v. Rossiter, a case about the breadth of immunity for court-appointed psychologists in child custody cases. Based on the questions at argument, the Court appeared to be searching for alternatives short of limiting the scope of such experts’ immunity. The … Continue Reading

Can You Sue the Court-Appointed Psychologist in a Child Custody Proceeding?

Our preview of the September term of the Illinois Supreme Court continues with Cooney v. Rossiter [pdf]. Cooney occurs at the intersection of res judicata and class action work: if a putative class action goes down in flames on the merits before class certification, is the putative class representative’s individual claim barred too? Plaintiff Deborah … Continue Reading