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To E-File or Not? Misfiled Notice of Appeal Not Necessarily Fatal, Illinois Supreme Court Rules

Like most states, Illinois is in the early stages of transitioning to an e-filing system in its state courts. With new rules come new problems for litigators: does this case qualify for e-filing? Is e-filing of this document mandatory, permissive, or barred? Last week, a divided Illinois Supreme Court handed down its first major decision on the … Continue Reading

Argument Report: The Perils of E-Filing a Notice of Appeal

Based upon questioning during last week’s oral argument, the Illinois Supreme Court seemed unlikely to forgive plaintiff’s counsel for filing a notice of appeal electronically in apparent violation of the Circuit Court’s local rules. Our preview of VC&M, Ltd. v. Andrews is here. VC&M arises from a real estate dispute. The defendants, a husband and wife, signed … Continue Reading

Illinois Supreme Court to Consider The Potential Perils of E-Filing a Notice of Appeal

We continue our previews of the civil cases scheduled for oral argument during the Illinois Supreme Court’s January term with VC&M, Ltd. v. Andrews. VC&M arises from a real estate dispute. The defendants were in the process of getting a divorce. They signed a contract with the plaintiff to list their residence. Plaintiff found a buyer, who put … Continue Reading