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Illinois Supreme Court Reaffirms Deferential Review of Arbitrator Decision in Labor Dispute

On Friday morning, the Illinois Supreme Court delivered a strong reminder of the importance of arbitration proceedings in labor disputes.  The Court unanimously reaffirmed the highly deferential standard applied to judicial review of an arbitrator’s decision in an opinion by Justice Anne M. Burke in Griggsville-Perry Community Unit School District No. 4. v. Illinois Educational Labor Relations … Continue Reading

Argument Report: Debating an Arbitrator’s Power to Interpret a Collective Bargaining Agreement

Our reports on the November term oral arguments at the Illinois Supreme Court begin with Griggsville Perry Community Unit School District No. 4 v. Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board. Our preview of Griggsville is here. Griggsville-Perry arose from the firing of a noncertified paraprofessional who worked in an elementary school library. After a number of complaints about … Continue Reading