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Illinois Supreme Court Holds Guaranty Fund’s Indemnity Payments Not Limited By Statutory Cap

In Illinois (as in every other state), when an insurance company becomes insolvent and an order of liquidation is entered, the Illinois Insurance Guaranty Fund steps in and pays claims that the insolvent carrier could not pay. The Fund’s liability is capped at $300,000, but that cap isn’t applicable to “workers compensation claims.” Skokie Castings, Inc. v. … Continue Reading

When Is a Workers Comp Claim Not a Workers Comp Claim?

Our preview of the civil cases on the Illinois Supreme Court’s November oral argument docket continues with Skokie Castings, Inc. v. Illinois Insurance Guaranty Fund. Our initial look at Skokie Castings, just after review was granted, is here. Skokie Castings arises from a severe workplace injury which permanently disabled the employee. At the time, the employer was … Continue Reading