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Illinois Chief Justice Thomas Fitzgerald Announces His Retirement

The beginning of the Illinois Supreme Court’s September docket was overshadowed this week by a surprise announcement from Chief Justice Thomas R. Fitzgerald. Chief Justice Fitzgerald told his colleagues that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, and would retire from the Court effective October 25, 2010, rather than running for a full ten-year term. Chief … Continue Reading

Illinois Supreme Court Holds Transit System Has No Duty to Clear or Warn of Snow and Ice

Snow and ice are a fact of life in Chicago during the winter months. So what duties of care do government agencies, individuals and businesses have in relation to dealing with winter conditions? The Illinois Supreme Court addressed this important issue late last week in Krywin v. The Chicago Transit Authority [pdf]. Illinois has long followed the … Continue Reading

Illinois Supreme Court Reaffirms Strong Federal Policy in Favor of Arbitration

Many states have enacted statutes automatically invalidating, under one set of circumstances or another, contracts which seem to require mandatory arbitration of disputes. In a 5-0 decision today (with two justices not participating), the Illinois Supreme Court cast such statutes in doubt, holding that two clauses of the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act were preempted by … Continue Reading