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Liquidated Damages For Junk Faxes Are Insurable in Illinois

The Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act provides that it’s unlawful to send unsolicited advertisements to a fax machine. 47 USC 227(b)(1)(C). The statute creates a private right of action, with damages equal to actual losses or $500 per fax, whichever is greater. If the violation is willful and knowing, then it’s $1,500 per fax. So are TCPA statutory … Continue Reading

Illinois Supreme Court Debates the Insurability of TCPA Federal Junk Fax Penalties

Earlier this month, on the final day of arguments for the March term, the Illinois Supreme Court heard oral argument in Standard Mutual Insurance Co. v. Lay. Lay presents the question of whether the penalty imposed by Federal law for sending unsolicited junk faxes is uninsurable as a matter of Illinois public policy. Our detailed preview of … Continue Reading

Are Federal Junk Fax Damages Insurable in Illinois?

In the final days of its September term, the Illinois Supreme Court allowed a petition for review in Standard Mutual Insurance Co. v. Lay. [pdf] In Lay, the Court will decide whether the Federal statutory penalty for sending junk faxes is in the nature of punitive damages, and thus uninsurable under Illinois law. The defendant in … Continue Reading