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State Public Utilities Commission Has Exclusive Jurisdiction Over Claims that Utility Unreasonably Destroyed Crops Beneath Power Lines

A public utility, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, owns easements across rural properties traversed by its electric transmission lines.  The easements typically, as here, authorize PG&E to trim vegetation in the vicinity of its power lines to prevent accidental contacts that can cause fires and related damages.  After such a fire caused massive and widespread … Continue Reading

Texas Supreme Court Civil Issues Pending: Public Utilities

[UPDATED THROUGH APRIL 1, 2010] Stranded Costs, Transition to Competitive Marketplace. Is utility entitled to recover interest on certain “stranded costs” it incurred during transition from land-regulated to competitive marketplace? Is utility permitted to recover a valuation panel fee as an expense? Must new on-site generators of electricity continue to pay utility to offset its … Continue Reading