In Pearson Dental Supplies, Inc. v. Sup. Ct., the court considered an arbitrator’s decision, pursuant to a mandatory arbitration agreement, that an employee’s discrimination claim was time barred. Since by failing to apply the tolling statute CCP § 1281.12, the arbitrator had committed “a clear error of law” which would deprive the employee of any review on the merits “of an unwaivable statutory employment claim,” the California Supreme Court ruled that the trial court could vacate the award. At the same time, the Court rejected an argument to strike down the arbitration agreement as a whole because it barred access to administrative remedies and set a one year limitations period. In concluding that it was “reasonably susceptible to a lawful interpretation,” the Court interpreted the restriction on administrative remedies as affecting only adjudicative agencies, such as the Labor Commissioner, while not affecting prosecutory agencies, such as the FEHA. For more case history, see the ADR update page.