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The Iskanian Decision: California Supreme Court Partly Retreats on Arbitration

Yesterday, the California Supreme Court at least partially retreated from a long-standing reluctance to enforce many business arbitration agreements. In an opinion by Justice Goodwin Liu, a 6-1 court affirmed in most respects the decision of the Court of Appeal in Iskanian v. CLS Transportation Los Angeles LLC, including on the crucial point of class action … Continue Reading

One Step Forward, One Step Back: Court of Appeal Denies Arbitration in Imburgia

Fresh on the heels of signs during the Iskanian oral argument that the California Supreme Court might at least partially fall in line behind the rule of Concepcion (subscr. req.), we received a reminder that arbitration clauses continue to receive an uncertain reception in the Courts of Appeal. In Imburgia v. DirecTV, Inc., Division One of the … Continue Reading

California Supreme Court to Tackle Labor and Insurance Issues

The California Supreme Court has five civil cases scheduled for its April calendar, each addressing important questions of labor and insurance law.   Independent Contractors or Employees – Class Actions: In Ayala v. Antelope Valley Newspapers, Inc., S206874, the court will address the determination of whether and when common issues dominate in a class action in … Continue Reading

California Confirms Preemption by FAA Over State Rule Barring Employee Waiver – Mostly

In Sonic-Calabasas A, Inc. v. Moreno (Sonic II), the California Supreme Court addressed an employee’s waiver of access to an administrative hearing, in this case a Berman hearing, in an arbitration agreement imposed as a condition of employment. The unanimous court concluded that a categorical rule prohibiting such waivers is preempted by the Federal Arbitration … Continue Reading

A Tale of Three Cases: California’s Split Over Concepcion Continues

In state and Federal courts throughout the country, the defense and plaintiffs’ bars are debating the application of the United States Supreme Court’s landmark 2011 decision in AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion, in which the Court made it significantly easier to enforce waivers of class arbitration in most consumer contracts. My post about Parisi, a new decision … Continue Reading

Illinois Supreme Court Reaffirms Deferential Review of Arbitrator Decision in Labor Dispute

On Friday morning, the Illinois Supreme Court delivered a strong reminder of the importance of arbitration proceedings in labor disputes.  The Court unanimously reaffirmed the highly deferential standard applied to judicial review of an arbitrator’s decision in an opinion by Justice Anne M. Burke in Griggsville-Perry Community Unit School District No. 4. v. Illinois Educational Labor Relations … Continue Reading

Argument Report: Debating an Arbitrator’s Power to Interpret a Collective Bargaining Agreement

Our reports on the November term oral arguments at the Illinois Supreme Court begin with Griggsville Perry Community Unit School District No. 4 v. Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board. Our preview of Griggsville is here. Griggsville-Perry arose from the firing of a noncertified paraprofessional who worked in an elementary school library. After a number of complaints about … Continue Reading

Survival, Wrongful Death, and Agreements to Arbitrate

At least in theory, the days are long gone in most jurisdictions when courts were openly hostile to arbitration. Nevertheless, petitions to arbitrate are a frequent battleground between plaintiffs and defendants. On Thursday, a unanimous Illinois Supreme Court offered important guidance for determining such petitions, filing its decision in Carter v. SSC Odin Operating Co. Carter arises … Continue Reading

California Supreme Court Sets Oral Argument for December 2010

The California Supreme Court has scheduled oral argument in three civil cases for hearing in Los Angeles in December 2007. Cortez v. Abich, which will address the extent of the household domestic service exception to Cal-OHSA (Labor Code section 6300 et seq.) in light of the defendant home owner’s remodeling project, which added a new … Continue Reading

California Supreme Court Issues Two Opinions – Addressing Collateral Estoppel and Compelling Arbitration of Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death Claims

Murray v. Alaska Airlines, Inc. holds that collateral estoppel applies to the administrative findings of a federal agency when those findings were subject to objection and judicial review that was never pursued, resulting in a final nonappealable order based on those findings. The Court found that in a subsequent civil lawsuit, those administrative findings have … Continue Reading

The California Supreme Court Limits Scope of Arbitration Awards

In Pearson Dental Supplies, Inc. v. Sup. Ct., the court considered an arbitrator’s decision, pursuant to a mandatory arbitration agreement, that an employee’s discrimination claim was time barred. Since by failing to apply the tolling statute CCP § 1281.12, the arbitrator had committed “a clear error of law” which would deprive the employee of any … Continue Reading

Supreme Court Short List Profiles: Judge Kim McLane Wardlaw of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

As part of Appellate Strategist’s ongoing evaluation of the “short list” of potential nominees to replace retiring Justice Stevens, we turn now to one of the nominees who was also on the short list to replace Justice Souter – Judge Kim McLane Wardlaw of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Judge Wardlaw is a California … Continue Reading

Supreme Court Short List Profiles: Justice Carlos Moreno of the California Supreme Court

Appellate Strategist has posted several times in the last week about names being discussed as possible nominees to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens. But a list of names, however important, says little about the nominees. We therefore begin our series of short profiles of those whose names top the list. We begin with Carlos Moreno, an Associate Justice … Continue Reading

Illinois Supreme Court Reaffirms Strong Federal Policy in Favor of Arbitration

Many states have enacted statutes automatically invalidating, under one set of circumstances or another, contracts which seem to require mandatory arbitration of disputes. In a 5-0 decision today (with two justices not participating), the Illinois Supreme Court cast such statutes in doubt, holding that two clauses of the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act were preempted by … Continue Reading

Illinois Supreme Court Will Release Two New Civil Opinions on Thursday

The Illinois Supreme Court announced this afternoon that it will release seven opinions [pdf] on the morning of Thursday, April 15th, including two civil cases: No. 106511, Carter v. SSC Odin Operating Company, LLC, which presents the issue of whether the clauses of the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act invalidating any contractual provision limiting a resident’s … Continue Reading

Texas Supreme Court Civil Issues Pending: Alternative Dispute Resolution

[UPDATED THROUGH APRIL 1, 2010] Expanded Scope of Judicial Review in Arbitration. Does the Texas Arbitration Act permit enforcement of a contractual provision expanding the scope of judicial review of an arbitration award? NAFTA Traders v. Quinn, No. 08 0613, formerly 275 S.W.3d 795 (Tex. App.—Dallas 2008), review granted 03/27/09. … Continue Reading