The California Supreme Court has scheduled oral argument in seven civil cases, five at the end of May and two in Los Angeles at the beginning of June. These hearings should address a wide variety of issues, including:

  • Do employees have a private right of action against employers who take some of the tips? See the Lu case in the Employment-Compensation & Benefits update.
  • Should CA recognize the "Stray Remarks" Rule in discrimination cases? See the Reid case in the Employment – Other update.
  • Can an insured sue an insurer for fraudulently inducing settlement and seek to avoid the release without returning the money already paid? See the Village Northridge Homeowners Assn. case in the Insurance update.
  • Does an administrative proceeding constitute a “suit” to trigger insurance coverage? See the Ameron Internat. Corp. case in the Insurance update.  
  • Are non-signatory heirs bound by an arbitration agreement signed by the decedent? See the Ruiz case in the ADR update.
  • Does the damages enhancement for actions brought by elderly plaintiffs apply to §17200 actions? See Clark case in the Damages update.
  • Are evidentiary objections not expressly ruled on regarding an MSJ motion preserved for appeal? See the Reid case in the Appeals & Writs update.
  • What is the preclusive effect of the investigatory findings of a federal agency? See the Murray case in the Civil Procedure/Evidence/Discovery update.

These cases represent about 10% of the civil cases currently under review by the Court.

Update: Oral argument in Ameron has been continued to the September 2010 calendar.