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A Claim for Medical Expenses Is Limited to the Rate Negotiated by Plaintiff’s Insurer – So Rules The California Supreme Court in Howell

  Adding its voice to a continuing national debate, the California Supreme Court has adopted the minority rule and held that tort damages for past medical expenses are limited to those amounts actually paid and accepted as full payment for the services provided, when such amounts are determined by an existing agreement with the plaintiff’s … Continue Reading

Texas Supreme Court Grants Review in Four Cases

On May 28, 2010, the Texas Supreme Court granted petitions for review in the following cases: Anglo-Dutch Petroleum Int’l v. Greenberg Peden P.C.—This case concerns the construction of a contingency fee agreement and the circumstances under which a court can conclude that an agreement is ambiguous. Hyde Park Baptist Church v. Turner—This case concerns the … Continue Reading

Texas Supreme Court Civil Issues Pending: Public Utilities

[UPDATED THROUGH APRIL 1, 2010] Stranded Costs, Transition to Competitive Marketplace. Is utility entitled to recover interest on certain “stranded costs” it incurred during transition from land-regulated to competitive marketplace? Is utility permitted to recover a valuation panel fee as an expense? Must new on-site generators of electricity continue to pay utility to offset its … Continue Reading

Texas Supreme Court Civil Issues Pending: Contracts

[UPDATED THROUGH APRIL 1, 2010] Depository Contracts, Probate Code. Did bank breach a depository contract as a matter of law when it granted access to an estate’s account to a person presenting false Letter of Administration? Does section 186 of the Texas Probate Code, providing that Letters of Administration are sufficient evidence of the appointment … Continue Reading