On May 28, 2010, the Texas Supreme Court granted petitions for review in the following cases:

  • Anglo-Dutch Petroleum Int’l v. Greenberg Peden P.C.—This case concerns the construction of a contingency fee agreement and the circumstances under which a court can conclude that an agreement is ambiguous.
  • Hyde Park Baptist Church v. Turner—This case concerns the sufficiency of the evidence to support an award of future mental anguish damages and the qualifications of a clinical psychologist to render an opinion in such a case. In addition, the case will consider whether a jury may properly apportion more responsibility to a negligent tortfeasor than an intentional tortfeasor.
  • American Home Assurance v. Maryland Cas. Co.—The case will consider the application of the notice and settlement-without-consent provisions of a liability policy covering an additional insured where the additional insured’s own liability insurers have paid a claim and seek subrogation.
  • Molinet v. Kimbrell—This case will resolve the conflict between the absolute two-year statute of limitations applicable to healthcare claims and the 60-day window for asserting claims against persons designated as responsible third parties under the proportionate responsibility statute.

Oral argument has not been set for these cases.